This page allows you to check if your Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PC & San Andreas Multiplayer installation files are clean.

If your game is having issues, this tool can help you identify files that might be necessary to repair or reinstall.


Please fulfill the requirements below:

  • Use the latest update of Chrome or Firefox, this tool runs in the browser and no download is required
  • Be sure to point to the correct GTA San Andreas folder where gta_sa.exe is located
  • Only GTA:SA retail version 1.0 or 1.01 is supported, Steam or Rockstar Games Launcher are not
  • Do NOT run the game and Do NOT open the selected files when using this tool

Files are processed offline and may take up to 10 minutes depending on your system performance. This tool does not guarantee an absolute validation, please use at your own risk!

Select GTA San Andreas installation folder
(Optional) If failed to auto detect, select the San Andreas Multiplayer version

The list below are game files checked as original, highlighted row means the file was restored. GTA:SA 1.0 full install has 416 files and minimal install has 400 files.

File Location Date Modified Size

The list below are game files checked as modified, reinstall is the prefered way to repair it

File Location Date Modified Size

The list below are missing game files, the game may not work properly without it. A ripped/no audio install would be in the list below, otherwise you may need to reinstall the game to repair it


The list below are unknown files, either due to your modification or just a junk that the game does not require. If your check result is all original, you may safely remove the files below

File Location Date Modified Size